Cold Pavement Milling / Rotomilling

Petroff Companies boasts one of the fastest milling operations around. We utilize our new Dynapac PL-2000LS milling machine with its 6’7’’ fine cut milling head to perform a high quality cut for our clients. Using its intergraded top-con grade control system we can removal asphalt or concrete to a very high accuracy approximately within ¼” or closer of our target depth. The machine’s production is about 120 feet per minute on depths between 0.25” and 2.00”. We are capable of a maximum cutting depth of 10.50”.

We also offer our cleanup crew to follow closely behind using our angle brooms to control material left behind and pickup brooms to load out that material. On smaller projects or to perform butt-joint cuts we use our Bobcat high-flow skid-steers with their 12” or 40” milling planners to accurately removal asphalt or concrete in smaller areas. Our machine is also capable of performing pulverizing or tilling to asphalt and oil chip roads for future grading.  Our milling operations have traveled to both Missouri and central Illinois. Please contact our office for more information or to be quoted on any upcoming projects.